Well, after realizing that I wouldn't get to sit in my chair for a while if I didn't figure out a way to house all the fabric, I consolidated the two drawers of white fabric into 1 1/4 of a drawer, which helped. Unfortunately, it didn't quite help enough.

So that means, of course, that I have to make something big. Like another quilt. *sigh* Or maybe a couple of throws. Or something!

I did finish the purse--Bekah took one look at it and said that she'd like it for Christmas. I might remove the buttons and put in snaps, since I don't like how the buttons weight the purse's top, but I think it's way too cute. The inside is lined in the stripey fabric. No pockets, but not too bad for my first attempt.

I'm pretty sure my other sister doesn't read my blog, so I think I can be safe to say that the throw pillow I made her is in the daffodil fabric. She wanted black, white or red pillows to go with her room's 'theme', and I had enough of this fabric to do a pillow. Unfortunately, I don't have any of it left.

I am kicking around an idea for a pink and white rug, a pink themed throw, and then, of course, Ethan's throw (once I get the fabric shipment from Fabric.com.) This means lots and lots of sewing, of course, but that's okay. My sewing machine seems to be up to the challenge, at least so far.

I have auctions ending today--of course while we will be at church. Why didn't I think about that when I posted them last week?! But I will be posting some more this afternoon; namely my other set of Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needles, and some craft books and probably more supplies. I'd really like to end up with some more space in here. I have decided--after much thought--that I really don't want or need to expand my space. I have plenty of space. I just need to get rid of the stuff I don't use anymore.

I had been thinking that when Bekah moves out, that I could take another bedroom and maybe move my craft stuff in there, but in reality, the writing end of things is so minimal that it's silly to have two whole rooms of stuff. I'm not yet sure what I will do with those two rooms when the time comes, but I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually. I have plenty of time to think, after all.

Edit: Actually, what I've really been thinking about is that it would be nice to use one of those rooms as a fabric room. If I moved just the fabric, and had a big table in there to cut fabric on, then cutting out pattern pieces, etc., would be so much nicer. So the craft stuff in general would still remain in my office, but I'd just move the big stuff over one room. Which would work.


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