Last night I made the earrings, all twelve pairs at once. That went well, all considering; it's nice to have the beads in one location so I don't have to go searching for them.

This was my second-favorite pair. :)

Today, I've been stuffing (so much for getting done by this afternoon, haha!), but in my defense, I am making ten dolls here, and stuffing all those parts does take time.

In fact, I used up both bags of stuffing and am on the third (and last) bag that I bought on Monday or Tuesday... whatever day it was.

Obviously the next time I buy stuffing, though, it will be next week while I'm at work and at Hobby Lobby for $1.99 a bag. And I'm probably going to spend $20 just on stuffing, so I have plenty on hand. (Okay, maybe $10.)

Anyway, so I watched Songcatcher, which I've owned for a while and have been meaning to watch for longer than that (Overall, it's a good movie. I had some issues with the subplots, though.) and the third Harry Potter movie. Now I have Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on, and then I'm out of movies to watch. (We really don't own that many movies here. Mom and Dad have all the movies.) So I've requested the other Harry Potter movies, but by then, I'll be done stuffing and ready to return upstairs, since I only have two dolls left.

I did pause to wash most of the dishes and clean up the kitchen a bit. I also baked some bread in the bread machine (loaf #1 didn't rise and I think loaf #2 is going to be too wet, but we'll see; I added a lot more flour to the dough.)

And the Unfortunate Tabby Cat evidently is living here now; he (I think it's a he, I'm not sure. It hasn't been pregnant, so probably a he) has been sleeping on my porch all day. In fact, he's been sleeping on the porch all week long.

So I need a name for a tabby cat with persian in its background. (A brown and black tabby cat with a smooshed face.) Any suggestions?

Ethan named the grey cat (who is also evidently a stray, but he's unfixed and doesn't stay around) Spike. And the orange stray is Ghost. There aren't any more, thank goodness!

Loki has another marble. I'm not sure where he's getting them. This afternoon, while I was sitting there stuffing doll parts, he nudged one down the stairs and followed it down, each and every step. It was soooo cute. :)


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