Well, so far I've cleaned up the side porch (I decided to do one porch a day) , got rid of the Christmas tree from last year off the front porch (the bold was for Dad), cleaned up a good half of my office, ran out of room for fabric, and added a shelf and a section for sweaters for fabric.

I'm still out of room for fabric. And nothing is really jumping out at me, either, as a solution.

I also made my sister Jessica a Christmas present, started another one, made a floor pillow that was supposed to be for Mabel but ended up being too small (oops!) and sorted fabric. And sorted. And sorted. Yikes!

I need to make maybe two quilts and I'd be okay, I think. But the chest of drawers is completely full, and so is everything else. This is not a really wonderful development, because the fabric without a home is now on my pink chair, which means I've had to sit in my desk chair all day long.

I've also been listening to WVXU all day long, from my computer. And it has worked very well.

What I really need (and I really hate to say this) is a chest or something for fabric. But I don't have one, and there really isn't room for one in here, either. So I'm not sure what I will end up doing.


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