Boy, talk about being distracted.

I listened to the local NPR station all day long while in my office (yay for internet radio!) and still only managed to get a few things done. One hat and scarf set, about 15 bracelets, two garlands with scrap fabric and wooden beads (they turned out well); everything that I seemed to start petered out after a bit. I did no dolls, but those *could* wait until next weekend.

And then I got this idea.

See, this year I've had this thing about wearing hats. It's been such a hot summer (and I prefer a hat over sunglasses any day) and my hair's no longer curly, so I can actually wear hats.

I have one favorite winter hat, which is bright blue and crocheted from the softest angora yarn, but the rest of my winter hats are of the same style, and I really wanted to find something else. So I cobbled together a pattern from a hat I rather like (kind of a bucket hat, I guess) and tried it out.

The resulting wool sweater hat worked, but it's too big, so I put it in the 'sale' pile and then found the small piece of neat-o tapestry fabric that I found in one of the boxes I bought at the auction last spring. I've been saving this piece of fabric, trying to decide what to do with it, because I really, really like it. It reminds me of the forest.

So, around 9:30pm last night, I made myself a winter hat.

I lined it with a recycled sweater, so it's really really warm. I love the way it turned out, although it's a bit disconcerting to see myself in passing in a mirror, since I wasn't used to seeing tapestry fabric on my head. ;)

After that, I got the idea to make one out of sweaters and lined as well, so I pulled a really fuzzy sweater out of my pile (in a beautiful teal and purple mohair) and lined it with cobalt blue chenille fabric. it's almost a crown, it's so pretty.

So today, I'm planning to make more hats. I also have to get into the garden, pick and dig up everything, clean up in the dining room so I can bring in my plants, bring in my plants, and stuff like that. I'm going to be very, very busy today.

My alarm clock decided that it was the time change last night, and I thought I woke up an hour earlier than I actually did this morning. Argh!


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