My costume, after much, much, much, searching through my costume bits and pieces, and also trashing my bedroom, or so it seems:

I don't think Bekah actually knows what she's wearing yet. I borrowed the socks from her. The shoes are one of the pairs of 1940s shoes that I got at the rummage sale, and perfect for the costume, I think. The cloak is my very vintage wool cloak. You can't see my shirt's nice poufy sleeves, and I'm pulling the skirts up in the picture; they aren't really that short. I didn't make the hat, but I did make the overdress/bodice part a while back. It's been very useful.

Other alternatives was a glamorous witch, wearing my beaded and sequined black and silver dress (but I didn't have a hat), a general Civil War lady (but after getting home so late today, I didn't have a chance to make myself a proper bonnet), a Victorian lady wearing the velvet dress Mom made (again, no hat), another vague Victorian-ish lady (no hat; I see a pattern here; maybe I should remedy that?), or a gypsy (I could have managed that one without making a hat.)

I was very tempted to wear the glamorous dress, but it also weighs about 10 pounds (Okay, maybe 5 pounds) and I'm afraid that sitting in it all day long would ruin it, since it's not meant to be sat in. I have another glamorous dress, but also, no hair piece/hat to go with it. So maybe by next year? We'll see. One of these years I would like to have a Halloween party.


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