List for today:

--Make bread (for the chili supper at church tonight, hopefully three loaves in my manual bread machine) success! Three loaves, plus a pull-apart loaf of parsley dill bread. Yum!
--Make chili (need to get some ingredients from the grocery store and put it on) not sure I like the taste the cast iron dutch oven imparts to my chili, but it doesn't taste terrible. And it may just be me.
--clean the kitchen hahaha, if anything, I made it messier!
--pick tomatoes, peppers, etc., from the garden not going to happen today, so maybe by the end of the weekend
--write Full Moon I'm up around 10k now.
--Practice on Morgan for a bit (I'm working on a song)
--work on craft show stuff

List for the weekend:

--Work on craft show stuff
--Burlington! (Last one, tomorrow)
--Put away clean clothes
--Write Full Moon
--Practice some more on that song
--Finish cleaning up the kitchen

At the moment, I'm writing--Full Moon is up to 9,563. I had intended to stop at 11am to start working on the other stuff, but Gracie decided she wanted to fall asleep on my lap. I'm going to have to wake her up, though, since I do have to get some supplies from the grocery for my chili.


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