So I sat on the front porch with my porch light on and the red light glowing from the living room (it looked quite cool, actually) and the cats appearing and disappearing in the window, and I played Morgan for an hour without a single person who passed by braving my driveway to walk to my house.

About 7:15pm, my fingers started to get a bit cold, so I put Morgan away and decided to grab my cape, stand at the end of my driveway for all the lazy people, and hand out candy there. Thankfully, I have very little candy left.

The cool thing, though? While I sat there playing, the wind kicked up, and Morgan started humming in tune with the wind. It was a very cool and spooky sound. And I got some practice time in, so all was not lost.

But now, my foot hurts when I walk. I am going to make a guess that I'll end up wearing my slippers to work tomorrow. The things we do for costumes. *sigh*


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