Okay, so the kitchen thing.

See, my kitchen is a place where I actually spend a lot of time. More time, in fact, than in my living room. Not as much time as in my office or my bedroom, but I cook and bake and read cookbooks, eat, write, listen for timers, do laundry (ok, listen for laundry), etc., etc., while in my kitchen. So the kitchen has to work.

A while back, I got the idea for the cookbook desk, using my typewriter desk and keeping all the cookbooks in the entry room. That was fine, except for the fact that Bekah really needed a desk of her own to do her school work on, so she ended up taking over that desk. On the other end of that was my little oak youth desk, which was supposed to be the mail desk and kept getting buried.

Bringing in the dough mixer meant a rearrangement, and since it didn't fit where I wanted it to fit (I would have had to move the spice cabinet, which wasn't going to happen) I had to make other arrangements. While thinking about it, I realized that I really didn't care for the tea cabinet where it was either. It covers up my Pennsylvania Dutch hex sign which is pretty permanently attached to the wall (unless I want to ruin it.) And there was a lot of wasted space.

My baking table, however, works. It works quite well. I love love love the fact that I have a dedicated table for baking. All my various implements fit just fine on my baking table, and clean up is a breeze.

However, the leaning pile of cookbooks and other books that I've read over the past few months (beside my place at the table) meant that it was getting a bit hard to see the stove over top of the Pile. Obviously, keeping the cookbooks in the entry room wasn't working. Not to mention the fact that I now have more cookbooks than shelf space, so that wouldn't work either.

So far, I've moved my baking table down a bit, put the blue bookcase with its back towards the baking table (I can hang things on the back of it, and it has a really pretty beadboard back anyway) and against the kitchen table (this will have overflow cookbooks on it, among other things), put my tea cabinet behind my chair where the blue bookcase was (fits perfectly; only sticks out an inch more), put my oak youth desk where the tea cabinet was (for reading cookbooks, perhaps--there's an idea!), put the dough mixer where the oak desk was, brought the half banquet table Dad gave me into the entry room to put beside the typewriter desk (to give Bekah more space to spread out), and put the little bookcase with the cookbooks in front of the heater (which is where the cat's chair and my stool were stored; now my stool is under the kitchen table and the cat's chair is under the cherry table.)

So far so good. The only disconcerting bit is the blue bookcase, but I think it will look okay once I load it up with cookbooks.

If needed, I could put the dough mixer where the oak desk is, but then we'd definitely have to work on its amazing clutter-attracting tendencies. Hmm. I wonder if it would fit okay? I'll have to check, because I would really like to have the dough mixer in the kitchen vs. the entry room.

(I'll post pictures once I clean it up a bit; it's rather a mess at the moment.)


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