Bread and chili collage

Mmmmm. I tripled the bread machine recipe that I made last week, which is called "Honey French Bread." It was so yummy that I had to try and see if it could be tripled, and boy, did it work out well. I haven't tried it yet, of course, but it smells divine.

Yes, I like to make my bread different shapes. :)

The parsley-dill bread is a new recipe, and it smells good too. Since this is a potluck chili supper, I decided to try pull apart rolls. They aren't even close to being the same size, but oh well. I don't really care.

The chili is "Slow Roasted Tomato Chili." I chopped up a batch of frozen slow roasted tomatoes, added green and paprika peppers, added ground turkey, added tomato juice, chili powder, fresh basil, fresh sage, and some garlic. It smells really good too. We'll see how it tastes when properly eaten and not just tasted.

Boy, have I missed using my oven.


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