The tall mug I bought to replace the one that Cleo broke has a crack in it. It's still usable, but I wouldn't put it in the microwave or anything (not that I do that often), because the crack will just get worse. So phooey. I'm going to have to find a spare for when it does break/get worse, because my only other spare* has a loose handle.

On my search, I did find a pitcher that (if it were blue) matches my lost favorite mug. One of these days, I keep thinking I'll find the very same mug again, and then I will be happy.

But hey, look! I found the name for the pattern of china I've been collecting in bits and pieces (whenever one shows up at Goodwill, really.) And I might have to bid on this, because it's cute. I love the little monster. :)

I'm very tired this afternoon, probably because I didn't get much sleep last night. I'm going to say that I doubt I'll get any more hats done this evening, but I plan on working on them again tomorrow afternoon/evening. And I'm going to bed early tonight.

*I should probably say that my only other spare tall mug. I have lots of mugs. I just use the ones that hold a lot of tea. I think the one I'm using holds about 16oz.

EDIT: HA! Obviously my current mug is a bit easier to find than the Haunsenware one. Cool. I do really like this mug. It's very stable and I love the fact that it holds a lot.

I am bidding on another serger, too; we'll see if I win this one or not.


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