What I get done on the day I'm supposed to be crafting but end up cleaning the kitchen instead:

with a gratuitous kitten shot. :)

The picture of the tea cabinet was blurry, but you can see it in the corner of the last photo. The dough mixer/churn fits wonderfully right where the tea cabinet was. And I like the blue bookcase where it is too!

I did get most of the dishes done after I took the pictures. Once some of them dry (after supper, more than likely) I will get the rest finished and clear off the countertops.

It's raining, and has been raining for about 2 hours straight. Lovely writing weather. Lovely crafting weather, too, but I really wanted to get the kitchen done. And it's not quite done yet, but it's pretty close.

I love the fact that I have a large kitchen, but sometimes that's not a good thing, considering the amount of stuff I have in my kitchen. Yikes!


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