It was a wonderful day for Burlington yesterday, and the crowds were there as well. I spent too much money, but since it was the last Burlington of the year, I think I can forgive myself a bit.

I found two vintage dresses--probably costumes (or so the lady said) from a playhouse--one a very nice flannel plaid, and one wool. They could be easily worked into anywhere from Civil War era to peasant medieval era with a bit of a pinch, so that's nice. Both are long sleeved and very long, so I'll have to hem them.

I also bought cast iron--but all of it was cheap, some was Griswold, and most of it needs some help. So I'm helping it along. :)

Mom and I split the cost of the Very Cool Thing, which is a combination dough maker/churn that was patented in 1933. I searched for hours on the internet last night to find any mention of something like this, and came up with nothing. I know I've seen one on ebay in the past couple of years; I remember thinking that it would be a neat thing to have if you wanted to make a lot of bread.

(For searching sake, if anyone else ends up searching for information on one of these and comes here, it is labeled "PETRIN OLIVIER BARATTE DOUGH MIXER & CHURN" (It was originally manufactured in Quebec, according to the stuff on the cranks, so it's in French and English.) It also says "Brevete 1933 Patented." The patent # is 331-596.)

It's going to live at my house, since Mom doesn't have room in her kitchen for it. I don't either; it's in my entry room at the moment, which is gearing up to be an extension of the kitchen. Which may or may not be a good thing.

The addition of this, of course, means that I am now rearranging the kitchen, because it displaced my little desk that was overflowing with mail anyway and needed to be reconfigured. I tried my best to fit it underneath the spice cabinet, but it was about 1/8 of an inch too tall. Argh!

So rearranging it is, then. Hopefully I can fit everything in how I have it in my head (the current version, at least.) The mail box just wasn't working, so I have to find something else to do with the mail. And we don't even get a lot of mail!

Anyway, so provided it's watertight, Mom and I now have the ability to make (I would guess) at least nine loaves of bread at a time. I said we needed just to get 25 lbs. of bread flour at Sam's and try it out. :)

Yay for bread!

(Not to mention the fact that it's also a churn!)


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