Happy Halloween!

You know, my biggest beef about trick-or-treating is that it begins when it's still light outside! What fun is that?!

I had every intention of ignoring the trick-or-treaters tonight, because I won't get many and because I really should do some craft show stuff. However, it's nice outside, so I might sit out on my porch and play Morgan and watch them and if anyone notices some spooky music (if I can think of any spooky music to play, that is) they might come down my driveway and I do have candy. And I'm not staying out until 7:30 or whenever it ends.

I wore my costume to work today. One foot was fine in the shoes, the other pinched horribly and had a blister by the end of the day. Obviously, my feet aren't the same size at all. How come I never noticed?


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