72,388 and finit. So You Want to be a Vampire is officially done.

I think I'm happy with the ending. I'll let it sit for a while and then read the whole thing and see how it goes.

Officially on vacation, starting now, for a week and a half. I'll write TSS during lunch at work, or maybe I won't and just read instead. We'll see. But until--let's say--July 15th, I'm on vacation, and I'll be cleaning my house. Yes, the entire house. Yes, everything.

Unless, of course, I get the house done before July 15th. I have a four day weekend this weekend, so who knows?

I would really like to be finished with TSS by the end of August. That would be very, very nice.


Unknown said…
Jennifer said…
Thanks! :)
Grey said…
Oh Wow! It's done?????? That's fantastic!
Jennifer said…
Yes, finally! :)

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