I picked three pounds of green beans last night, along with a handful of pole beans, some more potatoes, and a tomato. That probably brings me up to about 8 pounds of green beans, so far. They are definitely not producing as well as last year, but then again, what I am picking is mostly bug-free. Last year, I think the slugs were eating my beans, and most of them had damage. This year, they are perfect. And yummy, too!

I don't really mind if they are producing slowly. My first picking last year was 12 lbs, which was a lot of beans. This year, three pounds feels like a lot and that's ok.

I still have canned beans in the pantry anyway, so I'm not complaining. I am thinking that next year, I'll stick with two 'normal' bush beans--probably Top Crop and Provider--and then two experiment/new bush beans. That way, I can try out other varieties and still have the old standbys as well. I will trellis the half runner beans next year, too, if I plant them again. So far, the Cannelinni (sp?) have no beans on them.

And I have stopped picking the cranberry beans and the Hutterite beans; they can be dried beans now.

And I'm considering two varieties of pole beans next year. I really like that I don't have to bend over to pick them!


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