We did go to see HP: OOTP last night.

This was my least favorite book, and I only read it once. However, I think they changed some pretty major plot points (didn't Sirius die somewhere else in the book? Or am I forgetting?) but the lady who played Umbridge was right on. I couldn't stop giggling at the kittens. And her little laugh--oh, my. It reminded me of a former coworker's little laugh. Absolutely perfect for the role.

The movie felt far too rushed this time, and I really thought it needed to be longer. However, it was good enough overall. I'm glad we went to see it. But boy, are the actors growing up. And did I spot more gray hair in Hagrid's beard?

(And wasn't his dog a Neopolitan Mastiff? I think it was an older one last time. This one looked young.)

Sirius as the Irish Wolfhound was cool, but I think they should have used that breed connectively between movies instead of CGI one time and what seemed to be a real dog the next.

I'm much more excited about the 6th movie, really; I want to see how they work that story arc without completely botching everything.

(Dumbledore wasn't very good this time, I thought.)

Also, I thought Sirius' death in the movie was lame, and his death in the book was just as bad, if not worse.


Vicki said…
In the book he died in the big battle at the dept. of mysteries. He fell through the void/gate thingy.

I actually thought his death was rather pointless, just something to make Harry even more miserable. He was also my favorite character.
Unknown said…
I thought Umbridge was perfect, too. I was surprised the movie was so short (well, for an HP movie), too. And I haven't liked this Dumbledore ever.
Jennifer said…
I liked the first Dumbledore. Personally, I thought Ian McKellan (sp?) would have been perfect for the role to begin with. But they didn't ask me about the casting. ;)

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