One Local Summer, Meal #3.

See, I remember my photo this time! Essentially, tonight's meal (except for the bread; I'll get to that in a minute) was What I Picked in the Garden This Evening.

I picked two small zucchini, one small yellow crookneck summer squash, green beans, carrots, swiss chard, beet leaves, broccoli, a few tiny potatoes, two tomatoes (although I only used one for dinner), three kinds of basil, and I did use two cloves of garlic from my garlic that is hanging to dry. (I think that was everything--it was yummy and quite filling!)

The bread--well, Ohio-grown flour, which I'm counting, since I've come up dry everywhere else, Amish butter, non-local yeast as leavening. If I had more time, I would have done a proper sourdough, which I did a few weeks ago. But it's really been too hot to cook, oven-wise, so I did the veggie supper in the microwave in my microwave rice cooker. Perfect!

Speaking of zucchini, which I wasn't, really, I've now picked four zucchini; two round and two regular. I've picked about seven tomatoes all together, I think, maybe eight. I'm probably up to a pound or two of beans. If it really does rain tomorrow (it rained a bit today, but not much) then the beans will burst.

And I was complaining that my zucchini weren't bearing? Ha! I will pick more tomorrow, and probably every day after that. I'm going to be eating a lot of zucchini.

And I have baby cucumbers. Jenny, you beat me with the cucumbers. Oh, and next year? I'm so not planting a dozen cucumber plants. Six would be fine, I'm thinking. Maybe even eight. But twelve? Way too many!

The six eggplants in the big garden have been decimated by flea beetles, but the six eggplants in the cistern bed look wonderful and are starting to bloom. One of the Turkish Orange bloomed yesterday, and there are more buds coming along.

Pretty soon, I might actually get to make Ratatouille after all. :)


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