Mom, Dad, and I made 2 1/2 gallons of tomato juice today, plus we canned 7 quarts of beans! The tomatoes were mostly Mom and Dad's, but some of mine as well, and the beans were all from my garden. Mom and Dad's beans haven't started to bear quite yet, although it won't be long. And then we will be absolutely swamped with beans.

We ate my White Tomato Soup for supper, and it really did taste like tomato soup! Mom and Dad both agreed that it would be a good vegetable soup base. And I figure that if I put chopped up beet leaves in it, it would be pink soup! How about that? (I'm not so sure about that.) But it was tasty.

Then I came home and walked out into the garden, not really intending to pick anything. I ended up filling up my hat with cherry tomatoes and big tomatoes, and I picked one paprika alma pepper to try, as well. I also tied up the quinoa, which fell down quite spectacularly after the last rain. (Some of it snapped off, but we'll see if it recovers, since it's not snapped all the way.)

Now I get to let Mabel eat supper, and write a bit before bed. Tomorrow is cleaning day, hopefully in the entry room. If I have to turn on the air, I will. It's still very humid outside even now, and it's just going to keep getting hotter as the week progresses.


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