Seven teapots joined the ebay/yard sale pile, along with five rolling pins. This leaves me five rolling pins (I only actually use two, but I kept the antique ones I really like) and about 2 million teapots. Well, maybe 20, total. I don't think I have more than that. And I'm sure I'll pare them down even more as time goes on.

My iced tea jar had a small issue, but I'm pretty sure I fixed it. One of the rubber/plastic gaskets was split, so I took apart a Brita water filter pitcher and cut the plastic part to fit a new piece. I didn't want to have to go to the store for a tiny little circle the size of a very small pea. It's brewing in the fridge at the moment, and I did successfully lower/redistribute the shelves.

I think it might be 2 gallons, though, because it's awfully full. And the Brita pitcher thingy is now on Freecycle, because I realized that it was taking up a lot of room, and you can pretty much use any sort of piece for the nozzle (from another jug/jar/whatever, I mean.)

I'm about to sweep the kitchen floor, unless I decide to go through something else first.


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