Because I'm tired complaining, a garden report:

The eggplants in the big garden are just about dead. I'm not sure they will live. The fleabeetles have decimated them. However, the ones in the cistern bed are really growing in leaps and bounds, but I don't have any actual eggplants yet.

I'm up to 7 zucchini picked, I think. I will have one for tomorrow, and then maybe two round ones on Saturday. I also have to pick my beans, which I'm planning to do tomorrow evening/Saturday morning. I might actually get more than a quart this time.

I need to cook and freeze Swiss Chard, because it's getting a bit out of hand, and I need to check and see if the beets are ready yet. I'm guessing not yet.

Sunday is Burlington, and I get to stop at the farmer's market again! Hopefully there will be blackberries, perhaps blueberries, and definitely other yummies. :)


Unknown said…
My eggplants don't have anything on them yet, either. (It probably doesn't help that I planted them too close to the zucchini--or rather, I didn't realize quite how big my zucchini was going to get.)
Jennifer said…
I always forget how big zucchini gets. I always think I left them enough room, and I'm always wrong. :)

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