I picked five pounds of beans tonight, and the pole beans are really starting to come on strong. I also picked about 20 tomatoes, a dozen cherry tomatoes, and saw at least three baby cucumbers that aren't ready to be picked quite yet. And I picked some big stalks of swiss chard, because I heard that you can use the stalks like celery--and eat them like celery, too. (Only more nutritious!)

Well, you can; the stalks taste like swiss chard, of course, and not celery, but yum! And with peanut butter? Even better!

I picked one Great White tomato and one German Johnson that looks almost exactly like the giant deformed tomato Mom and Dad picked. Which is strange, if you think about it. Unfortunately, the German Johnson wasn't quite ripe yet (one side was, and I thought it was two tomatoes, but it wasn't) so it can sit for a while on my baking table until it's ready to eat.

I have baby lettuce that's just about ready to eat, too, and my basil is starting to grow (finally!) So maybe I'll be able to make pesto, since I've never eaten it before.

One of my spaghetti squash vines is starting to yellow a bit (the one with the huge spaghetti squash on it) but the squash is also turning the proper color, so I think I'll wait a bit and see what happens. I might have to pick it early.

The squash is going nutso, of course. Some of it is trying to climb up the spruce tree.

My last three potato plants in the original bed are starting to go, so I'll probably dig them up by this weekend. That leaves that bed free for the garlic, but since I won't be planting garlic until the end of October, I'm trying to decide what to plant there instead. I have more lettuce to plant, and kale as well, but whatever I do plant, it has to be out of there in time for the garlic. So we'll see.

Oh, and lovage is the plant you use like celery, only not the root like I thought, but the leaves and stems. So I can use mine! And I didn't know that celery seed is actually lovage seed, so that's cool too, since mine is blooming. See, sometimes it does pay to pick up strange herbs from the nursery just because they're perennials. :)


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