After putting my laundry in the washer, I decided to start rearranging the Green Room, since I've already started that. The cat food is now moved to a better location (in the same room), there's a table on the other side of the floor loom, and I'm trying to decide which corner to stick the church pew in. Hrm. It would look good in either place, but I'm leaning towards over by the radiator, since the other corner could be used for the orphan shelves I intend to use to store warp for the loom.

I've also hung up the pictures I got at the auction last week (I think I forgot to mention them), and now there's a huge pile in the middle of the room that is mostly stuff Bekah has to look through.

Oh, and I hung this up this, too:

Dad got this stained glass window at the silent auction at church and gave it to me. I wanted to hang it here for a while now, but I couldn't get close enough to the window to put a ladder there. Now I can, and it looks great!


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