I decided that since I needed to clean the entry room a bit this week anyway, that I would take the rummage sale/Mom and Dad's house stuff and line it up very organized-like in the entry room. That way, I could get the tall shelves for the loom warp and such out of in front of the basement door and declare the green room completely done.

I have a new fridge being delivered on Friday, so I have Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Friday day to forge a good sized path through the entry room (this will entail mostly moving stuff that doesn't belong in that room anyway), cleaning the kitchen (completely), and emptying the old fridge as much as possible so I can move it out from the wall and clean behind it. I really doubt I'll get to the painting behind it, but we'll see. (Honestly, it's really too hot to do that.)

(Tomorrow evening I am making strawberry jam with Mom, and Tuesday evening there's an auction in Georgetown that looks like it will be too expensive for me, but will be full of cool items, so that's why I have only Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.)


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