So it's definitely the prologue to Fire & Water. I have the tie-in and everything sitting quite nicely inside my head. Maybe I'll actually get to start it today! :)

I walked up to the Farmer's Market/Street Fair today on my way to pick up my bikes. I rode the old one home, walked back to the bike shop, and rode the new one over to the slightly larger setup this week and came home with Black Raspberry jam from a friend of the family, two lemon poppyseed muffins, a cherry turnover, and homemade noodles. Yum!

If I get my stuff into gear, I might actually set up next weekend. That would mean I need to make some hats to sell, and go through what I have.

And the print version of The Eighth Room is about to be released--I am considering having a publication party once I am able to order copies. We'll see!


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