Green Room pics: (You know, the color on the walls is growing on me.)

This is where I'll be writing all summer long. I still have to put the rest of the books on the shelves, but you get the idea.

(And honestly, I really like this setup. I might not want to move my computer back upstairs. We shall see.)

I got the bench today at an auction--two of them for $8! It fits perfectly. It's a little low, but with padding it will work just fine.

The church pew, and the blanket chest that will house extra loom items. I have since turned it around so it opens the other way, because I realized that if I opened the lid, I could prop my little loom on it and weave while sitting on the church pew. Ha!

All of this is either going to Mom and Dad's or the next rummage sale. I hope it is gone soon, because I have the shelf for spools of warp to put here. (HINT HINT!)


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