Right now, Fire and Water is 11,086 words. Yes, I've been busy!

I've also been weaving, baking bread, and cooking vegetable soup in the crock pot for lunches next week. I'm working on a headscarf/headband at the moment, and I finished a sample in the acrylic yarn. I am very pleased with how it turned out. (This is after it's been washed and dried. It did shrink a bit, but not too badly.)

It's long enough to be a runner for a small table, or a lining for my bike basket. :) I really like how it turned out. (Don't mind the wrinkles; I probably should have ironed it.) I'm going to do an actual scarf with this yarn next, I think, now that I know it will weave up nicely.

I did finish the orange creamsicle scarf/wrap and I forgot to take a picture of it, so that will have to come later.

I am making garlic cheese bread for supper, with garlic scapes instead of actual garlic. Mmmmm.


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