I keep comparing weaving to any other yarn-related craft I've done, and they're all coming up short. I CAN MAKE TARTAN PLAIDS! I can make all sorts of other things as well that I couldn't do with knitting or crochet. And for some odd reason, I have more patience while weaving. And as you can see below, since I just started that shawl yesterday afternoon, weaving is damned quick.

Right now, I am weaving a scarf with dark blue merino wool warp and thick-and-thin wool blend yarn (and a loopy yarn as well) for the weft. I have never liked the thick-and-thin yarn, but I've always liked the color. It just never knitted or crocheted up well at all.

It weaves beautifully. In fact, the thick-and-thin bits are making thick and thin stripes all by themselves! And the colors look great together, too. I have a really strong feeling that there won't be any crocheted or knitted scarves at the craft show on my table. Instead, there will be woven scarves, and maybe even sewn woven hats, too. Although I have found a pattern for an actual winter hat type, I'm really curious as to whether or not I could sew a garden hat using my very own woven fabric. We shall see. I will probably use up some of the cotton warp that I bought at the auction with my rag shuttles and see how it turns out.

But I'm really liking this. I'm liking this so much better than knitting, which I wanted to learn, and did, but have no real desire to take any further than simple things. This could be the one fiber craft that actually sticks around more than just for the craft shows. If I keep up this production pace for sellable things (and I think my shawl is sellable), then I won't have to do the mad rush for the craft show.

And wouldn't that be nice?


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