I mulched.

I woke up this morning fairly early--it didn't help that a kitten-who-shall-remain-nameless (who has found herself a spot to sleep under one of the stick bookcases on top of my desk here) tried to go after a cicada who had landed on the window screen at 5:30am.

By 8am, I was out in the garden. It's been rather overcast all day, and surprisingly not muggy, with a nice breeze and everything else. Since I wanted to make this count (I gave up going to an auction to get stuff done around the house) I decided that it wasn't too hot to work.

I took down the bamboo and string 'fence' in front, and put up a much nicer metal pole and jute cord 'fence' to begin with. I still have to do the side and the other side of the lilac. I think I have enough metal poles for everything, but we'll see.

And then I started mulching, from the front of the garden, then the squash, and then across the side. I knew I didn't have enough straw, but I figured I'd get as much done as I could and then get more straw later from Mom and Dad's straw stash.

Four hours later, I ran out of straw. There is now five bales of straw on the garden, and most of the tomatoes left to do. But I planted the cucumbers and mulched everything else, so I'm happy with what I got done.

If the cloud cover had broken and the sun had come out, I would have been in trouble, but it never did. I took two breaks, and after the second break, it actually felt cooler outside. I'm not complaining!

(The sun's starting to come out now, though, so it will probably get hot again.)

At the moment, it's a nice 78 degrees in the house without air conditioning (but with the fan on) and I am perfectly comfortable.


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