Before it rained, I walked out into the garden this evening to check out how everything is growing. My red cranberry beans are blooming--already! And the blooms are red, too! (At least I think that's what they are; I'm really going to have to check and make sure.)

And I have one baby zucchini!

You won't believe how happy I am that I will have a zucchini to eat soon! :)

Also, two of the tiny sunberries ripened up and I ate them too. They were yummy! They almost tasted like blueberries.


Unknown said…
Hooray for bean blooms and zucchini! I'm jealous, though I'm not too terribly far behind you. Plus I have my teeny bean to watch. :) I'm going to have to try sunberries sometime.
Jennifer said…
And you're ahead of me on beans. :)

Sunberries are interestingly cute. We'll see how they actually grow, though!

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