I planted more peppers this evening, the sesame, and the okra. It's going to be a bit tricky getting between the sesame, tomatoes and pole beans, but that's really the only thing that is tight in the garden this year.

Flea beetles are eating my pole beans. I am contemplating setting out a couple of sacrificial eggplant again. I might actually do it, because I have plenty of eggplant plants this year. Strangely enough, they aren't bothering the volunteer potatoes at all.

Oh, and I have volunteer broccoli and volunteer swiss chard in the garden. Despite the fact that the swiss chard never went to seed. I don't understand. (It could be volunteer beets, but that doesn't make sense either. It's definitely not pokeweed.)

And after a comment from Dad, I am seriously thinking about moving my computer downstairs only for the summer. I like sitting up here to write or browse the internet. It's just too hot up here in the summertime. So if I create a space down in the Green Room for my 'summer office' and keep my desk upstairs (do I really need the extra space? Not really. And I can put a sewing machine on my desk if I want to, anyway) and that way I don't have to move it downstairs, and I can still have my computer downstairs for the summer. I think it will work. I will probably use my typewriter desk, which will come out of the entry room.

Rearranging-wise, I am going to do the living room first, then the hallway, then the Green Room, then the Entry Room, then the kitchen, then the bathroom, then the dining room. I think if I get done with all of that and only have to do the dining room at the end, I'll feel better. If I try the dining room first, I'm afraid I'll get overwhelmed and frustrated too easily.

I will start in the living room tomorrow, I think. I want to have the Green Room finished by the weekend. We'll see how that works.


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