Right now, the weather outside is absolutely gorgeous; it was supposed to get down to 56 or thereabouts last night, and I think it did. Last night was a good sleeping night and I was very comfortable.

Tonight, if my bug bites from Saturday are better (and I'm wearing pants this time!) I will mulch some more of the garden and maybe plant the rest of the basil. That's it--I have some stuff to plant out back, but after I'm done there, I'm done. And I can't really say I'm sorry, because it seems that this year, the garden has been one extended item. By now (usually) I'm already done with everything and am enjoying the anticipation of the time between harvest and deluge.

Actually, this whole week's supposed to be great weather, so I'm definitely going to get done in the garden this week. I didn't get much done yesterday evening (I was waiting for an auction to end) but tonight I will be out in the garden.

In the big garden I have basil left to plant, and mulching to finish; in the back I have eggplant, sunberries, and huckleberries to fit in somewhere. (I'm still not sure where.) I also have some herbs to plant as well. And I may have broccoli for supper tonight! (I have been eating peas for a while now, almost every day.)


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