Okay, the picture's not going to come out quite right, because my lighting wasn't all that great, but I am weaving another scarf/wrap/shawl (this might be a little narrow for a shawl, so I think I'll call it a wrap) and I'm calling this one Orange Creamsicle. It is a very soft orange, with an almost white orange (if that makes sense) and I am weaving with the darker color, making stripes. Maybe I should call the colors light peach and white peach. It's pretty.

This is more of the thick-and-thin linen/cotton yarn that I have; I'm fairly sure I picked this batch up at Burlington that one time, but I'm not positive. Either way, it weaves up wonderfully (and is a pain to crochet or knit!) I really like the way the stripes are coming out. I will miss this yarn when I'm out of it. (Although that will be a while, since I do have quite a few--8 or so--skeins of the different colors.)

I did win 57 lbs of yarn on ebay, mostly on cones. There's a lot of blues and other nice colors in the lot, so that will help me have enough wraps and shawls and scarves and bags to sell. I'm also watching quite a few more lots, (about an hour away from you, Jenny!) so I may have a good supply soon. The problem I'm having currently is that I really don't have a good variety of yarns. And to keep my prices down, I have to keep my supply prices down, or this particular hobby will never pay for itself.

It's 70 degrees in the house at the moment, and cooler outside. This week has been a nice break in the weather (next week doesn't look too bad either, really) and I'm enjoying the fact that I don't have to have the air on--or the fans--and can still be comfortable.

I had a chocolate craving this evening that just wouldn't quit, but to make an entire batch of chocolate chip cookies is kind of stupid just for one person. So I halved the recipe--successfully--and ended up with 20 cookies. That's a lot better than 4 dozen.


Unknown said…
Ooh, that's lovely. I'm so tempted to take up weaving now, but I know that would be a bad move. :)
Jennifer said…
lol. Well, I will say it's going to use up my stash pretty quickly if I keep up this pace! That's a good thing, right? :)
Grey said…
That weave is just beautiful.
Jennifer said…
Thanks! The strange thing is that you can't really see the stripes close up. :)

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