It was so nice outside that I decided to go up to the street fair--there were only three people set up, however, so maybe the threatd of rain kept people away--and also take my red bike to the bike shop to see about fitting it for hand brakes instead of pedal brakes.

Unfortunately, due to how the bike was made, the cost to put in hand brakes would be a bit expensive. And since I couldn't get used to the pedal brakes at all, I decided that if I really meant to ride my bike to the grocery store, on errands, and to church, I really needed something I could ride.

(That is, while I fix up my Schwinn Co-Ed that I got at Burlington last time.) I have another bike--a new Schwinn Jaguar--that rides well and is a really nice bike, but the handlebars are actually too far apart for comfort, and I can't put my bike baskets on it, so... it doesn't get ridden much.

So to make a long story short, he told me I could trade in my bike for another similar one that already had hand brakes (and speeds, too, which the red bike didn't have) and he would give me a discount. But the prices really weren't that bad, and I decided to keep the red bike anyway; I can use it for guests to ride, after all, and I do have room.

So I ended up with one like this. (Mine has 10 speeds, though.) A vintage Schwinn Suburban, in cinnamon brown, with a front bike basket and then my baskets will fit on the back. He is going to check it over and make sure everything is working okay, and it should be ready by Wednesday or Thursday.

I can see myself riding this one quite often. It's really the perfect around-the-town bicycle.

(Unfortunately, he didn't have one in blue, but I really like the brown. It's a reddish brown, really. I will post pictures when I get it.)


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