Darn, the yarn lots near Jenny went for way too much money. Oh well. I would have had to really rearrange to fit them somewhere anyway.

I did mow the backyard, and snipped some of the grass and seedling catalpa trees around the flowerbed in the back, but I didn't get finished trimming. Emily came over and she harvested quite a few herbs to take to market. And then, it started getting really dark and windy and thundery, and it rained! It has stopped by now, which means I could put up the other side of the "fence" on the side of the garden, but I also need to take a shower, and it's getting a bit late, so we'll see.

And even though I did a lot of stuff outside, I only got to cross one thing off my list. I think I should have had 'trim around the garden' and 'cut down all the seedling trees' and 'chop down the pokeweed' on my list as well.

That means I didn't get the rest of the garden planted, but I can try to do that tomorrow or even next week. We'll see.

I had intended to have the garden all the way across to the sidewalk on the one side, but now I'm wondering if I should just get some actual mulch (like the wood mulch in bags) and put that under the honey locust trees. Then I can get another park bench, and put it under the trees to sit on so I can admire my garden. I can't really plant much under the trees anyway, and I'm already running into roots as I go along, and I don't really need to have the garden actually reach that far. Right now, that's my holding place for straw for mulch, since it's easily accessible by car. And there's no reason why it couldn't continue to be that, either.

Of course, since Mom and Dad have a chipper/shredder, I could just bring a car load of twigs and such and run it through and not have to spend any money on mulch. That sounds good to me. :)


Unknown said…
With 57 lb, surely you can wait for the next, cheaper, lot. :)
Jennifer said…
Most definitely!

$99 for 20 lbs of yarn is just too much, in my opinion. Retail, it's probably a decent price, but even still. It would have been another $20 in shipping.

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