List of things to do this morning before the new fridge arrives around 1pm:

--Clean out old fridge
--Clean out freezer
--Clean off tables
--Move tables
--Sweep floors (kitchen & entry room)
--Wash rugs

--Finish dishes
--Mop kitchen floor

Yes, I woke up really early this morning. Like 6:30am early! And look what I have done! I am impressed.

(I have done one batch of dishes, and the big stuff is left. And I do have to clean off the top of the stove and around the microwave and the countertop as well.)


I've enjoyed wandering around your bog--especially meeting the cats. (I had a German Shepherd named Loki.)

We have much in common, gardening, cats, old houses, writing, probably more.

Disorganization is my name:) I read that first.
I meant BLOG of course. Typing isn't one of the things I do well (and there are many others).
Jennifer said…
Hi Marnie,

You're right--we do have a lot in common! I love the pictures you post--I will have to wander around your blog a bit more. :)

Originally, I called my blog Disorganization because I wasn't very organized at all, but things have gotten better.

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