Sunday I went to an auction and got a bit overheated, yesterday I went to work feeling yucky, last night I had a raging sinus headache that wouldn't quit, so I stayed home today.

And finally, I'm feeling better. I really think it was a combination of the weather (hot and muggy), dehydration, and my sinuses realizing that the weather was about to change. (My ears even hurt!)

(This evening--oh. Perfect weather. This is optimal sleeping weather.)

I have a few pictures to share.

I finished my bag.
It's actually darker than in the picture--the picture below shows the color better.

And it's lined, too!

Obviously, I am too boring for some kittens.
(This is Cameron, conked out on the living room floor.)

Current project: weaving with strips of rags.
It may be a tote bag. We shall see.


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