And more burblings today. Especially this evening. I even accidentally started writing the prologue.

Honest, it was an accident. I got a line of dialogue, and quite suddenly, I had 700+ words. And I'm not done yet.

There are vampires. :)

And I'm still not sure if this will be the new beginning of Fire and Water or what.

(I wrote some on Transformation today as well, so I'm not ignoring it.)


kittyred said…
OMG - You left a comment at my blog, and now I know who you are.

I started reading your many blogs, etc. after I saw you post an introduction at the Yahoo RH Loom group. You are quite the talented and busy lady!

I love reading about all the stuff you've been up to. In fact, I printed off your chocolate bread recipe over the weekend. :o) And, that loom you picked up for a song looks so cool.
Jennifer said…
Hi Scarlett,

Thanks for the compliments! I am hoping I can have a lot of fun with the new loom. :)

Enjoy the bread recipe; I really need to make that again!

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