I have 24 things on my list of things to do this weekend. Some of them are optional; some not. And I already know I might not get to some of them or that the list may change if certain other things occur, and that's okay. But I have a list, at least, and it's split into sections like Cleaning, Crafting, Garden, and Other.

Two days is not long enough for a weekend. I never really did a lot on the Mondays I was off, but I always had that buffer of "Oh, I'm off Monday, so I can do this or this today instead." Now that I don't have that buffer, it's getting difficult to actually achieve anything. But I will try to find some sort of balance. At least the weather is nice, and will be nice all weekend long.

Ester's reed and bolts came yesterday. After a bit of fiddling, I managed to get everything together. I need some nuts on the ends, though; which should be available at the hardware store if I get there today. Although now I realize I might have to take it all apart to get the right size of nuts. Hrm.

And I also received my 57lbs of yarn. Mostly acrylic, quite a bit of mohair (yay!), and some cotton. 80% of it is on cones. 95% is pretty colors I will use; the other 5% could be warp instead of weft, if needed. I sorted it all by colors, then started to put it on the shelves last night. I ran out of gumption before I ran out of room, although it's not all going to fit.

I shouldn't have to buy any normal yarn for the craft shows, at least, or for stuff on etsy. I may put the Orange Creamsicle Wrap up on Etsy when I'm finished with it; we'll see. It's going well.


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