I ran my errands this morning--had to get cat, dog, and rabbit food plus nuts and bolts, among other things--then came home to find out that someone had noticed my unmown grass around my garden--Oops!--and that Georgetown had a grass rule. Oops again. It's not supposed to be more than 8 inches long. Seriously, they need to be sending out "Welcome to Georgetown; Here are the Rules" little pamphlets to people who move in. Since there's no zoning, how the heck was I supposed to know?

Oh well, it was just a warning letter and mowing the damned grass was on my list anyway, so I hooked up the trimmer and set to work. I had to hook up both extension cords to get the whole way around the garden, but now it looks much better. And I'm not saying it didn't look bad, either; it did. The problem with using string and bamboo poles for a fence is that the string doesn't really last very long and the bamboo poles fall down. Now I have metal poles and jute cord, and it looks much better. And it's easier to mow under, too. (Although I'm going to mulch the fence so there is no grass there at all.)

And I mowed, too, at least the front and the side. I'm planning to do the back in a bit here, and then I could trim the sidewalk where there's some tall grass, but other than that, I'm DONE.

After that, since today seems to be my working outside day, I'm going to mulch the fence and around the big lilac, maybe stake some tomato plants, till up the last little section, plant the rest of the plants, and mulch that too. Then I probably will come inside and collapse.

If I haven't collapsed by then, I'll trim around the flowerbed in the backyard, but I'm sure by then I will be dead, so I doubt I'll get to that today. But we'll see.

(It's supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow (60% for late afternoon, 50% tonight, 40% tomorrow, so we'll see) so getting it all done would be nice. (And I'd say it's late afternoon, personally. Where's the rain so I can quit?!?!)


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