9 quarts of tomato juice juiced.

Whew! I actually never ate supper tonight--I had a few tomatoes when I took Mabel out this evening, and I had the dregs of the tomato juice at 9:30. I'm going to be hungry later on, but oh well. I'll live.

And it's hot again--it was 84 in the kitchen before I finished cleaning up.

That was a lot of tomatoes--and there are more ripening, too! I'm going to have a boatload of tomatoes this year.

Ethan helped squish the tomatoes down in the Squeezo, and Bekah helped too, which was nice. Ethan has already said he wants to help "squish the tomatoes" again when I do the next batch. :)

My office door is officially open, at least for now. Loki hasn't missed the litterbox since that second time, which is good. He's a bit freaked out by the open door, but Misty and Chloe have come to call, and he's actually following them around without any hisses. I think he scared Misty earlier, though, because she hissed at him. :)

Right now, he really wants to play with Chloe, but when she tries to play with him, he gets scared and runs away. His favorite 'toy' so far is the catnip carrot I bought on Etsy, and a balled up napkin. He'll be cheap to amuse.

Misty's not all that happy at the moment. Her tail is puffed out. I don't think she knows what to think after he scared her. Poor kid!

I got a lot written on BtH/HD today, too. We're progressing. I actually have part of the next scene written (on paper) so all I have to do is type it in. And onward...


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