Burlington was yesterday, and there was a 30% chance of rain. We went anyway--and it sprinkled for about a minute, but that was it. The weather was lovely, the breeze was cool and refreshing, and I ended up with an Underwood typewriter from 1922 and a quilt top made out of vintage upholstery velvet pieces. It is lovely. But that's all I bought, and I was way under budget. Yay!

After we got back, we did peaches (peach pie mix to freeze), picked the Wolf River apples, made a blackberry peach pie, and picked tomatoes. I have the tomatoes here to juice today, and they're pretty much covering my countertop. I didn't get home last night until 7pm.

Today I have another doll to finish, laundry to do, tomatoes to juice, soup to make (I'm leaning towards vegetable), auctions to post, and a book to write. That's about all that is on my list.


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