Monday I ran around trying to get the twelve things left on my list of things to do done. I got all but three, including one of the Very Important Things. I just ran out of daylight, strength, and gumption.

I did juice seven quarts of tomato juice, which was nice. And I did do some major work on the one important thing, but I didn't get her done. Nor did I get her done today, but we're oh so much closer to finishing.

This morning (and part of last night) I awoke in pain. Everything hurt, from fingernails to toenails. It hurt to walk. It hurt to type. I didn't think I would last very long if I went in to work to sit at my desk in my uncomfortable chair, so I called in sick. :(


By about 2pm, I was well enough to work again, so I started working on the important thing and managed to get her almost finished by tonight. She will be in the mail, overnight, on Thursday, since I will have to wait until I get home from work tomorrow to finish her properly.

And of course, this one's my favorite. :)

I had to juice more tomatoes tonight, since Ethan was here and wanted to "help squish the tomatoes." Tonight's haul was four (and a half, really) quarts, bringing my total up to 20 quarts, which is 5 gallons of tomato juice so far this year!

For note, I got about 4 gallons last year from 10 plants. I have many more plants this year, and many, many more tomatoes. I can't see how I should have to buy tomato juice for chili or soup at all this winter/next spring.

In truth, I've probably juiced 22 quarts, if I count the juice I've drunk as well as the juice that went into my vegetable-soup-for-the-week yesterday.

How many tomatoes can I fit in one side of my sink? 80!

In other news, I did get a lot written on BtH/HD this weekend, but nothing yet today. It's going well.

In other news, well, I think you should just look at the picture. Loki's obviously fitting in just fine:


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