I am still working on my financial plan that I implemented back in January. It seems like only yesterday (no kidding!) that I worked it out, and now the year is almost over! Where has the year gone?

And of course, because I'm me, I've lost sight of it a bit--not too terribly much, but a bit. I'm off by about four months at the moment, which isn't the end of the world, really. I'm surprised I've actually managed to get this far without horrible problems or ditching it entirely. All those trips to Goodwill and Burlington and auctions do add up, after all.

That is part of the reason why I'm posting some stuff on ebay (other than dolls, that is--they count too, to get myself back on track.) I'd like to get back on track, but I'm not sure I can at this point. And really, four months is not a huge deal in the big picture at all.

So, to work with that, and since I was paying $17 in interest every month on my one remaining closed credit card account (this is the ancient one) I replied to an offer I got in the mail for a no interest balance transfer until May 07, which is my new target date unless I make a lot of extra money on ebay. (And considering I don't have a lot of extra time to make extra money, I'm thinking I'll stick with a May date for completion of the first step.)

And lo and behold, that credit card is now my emergency credit card, because damn, I could put a down payment on a house with what they gave me. (At least around here.) So I can breathe easy about that, at least. And put that $17 a month in interest towards the principal. Yay!

With that in mind, I am reworking my formula a bit, just so I keep things straight. I only have one other credit card other than that one, so things are progressing.


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