Well, I caved.

It was 80%+ humidity in the house today, I was falling asleep while writing, and I had a raging humidity headache, so I caved, shut all the windows, and turned on the da**** air conditioning.

The weather was supposed to break. It didn't. It was 89 on my side porch this afternoon. Urgh. :(

Still, I haven't had it on since the last week-long heatwave, so it's only going to be a blip on the bill, since I lasted until 5pm without turning it on. It's hard to get work done, though, when you're sitting up here falling asleep.

Where is my break in the weather?!?!

The rest of the week looks positively perfect by comparison, even with the rain.

I will be doing more tomatoes tomorrow. I have a counter full at the moment, and I will have more to pick tomorrow. (I'm getting a little tired of tomatoes now.)


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