Garden thoughts for next year:

I am expanding the big garden by 1/3 at least--an 8' x 10' rug's length across the whole back of the garden. At least that's the idea--I have the rug killing the grass in the first section at the moment. Of course, I'm not sure how long I can stand the cat pee smelling rug in the grass, especially if the outside cat/s (I'm not sure who is stupid enough to do it) keep pooping on the rug! I mean, gross! Eww! Stinky! Nasty! And all of that.

(Not to mention the fact that I have to watch Miss Mabel like a hawk when she is out by the garden with me, because she likes to eat cat poop, and cat poop on a rug is just even better!)

Cat poop aside, that's my intention, at least. So we'll see how much grass I can kill by the end of the sunny weather. Mwahaha!

So, onto next year's plans:

8-ball or round zucchini, depending on whom you ask. I really prefer these, because they are smaller, compact, and don't get club-sized as they hide between the leaves of the squash or something. Bowling ball sized, yes, perhaps, but even then, they'll be easier to spot.

Acorn Squash because I looooove acorn squash.

Spaghetti Squash, the small kind, because I love these too. I can't remember where I ordered the mini ones a few years ago. I'll have to find them again.

An entire row of potatoes, whatever variety I decide to get. This year, I planted six Yukon Gold potato plants, and ended up with bunches. I think a whole row of potatoes will be a good thing, since they are delicious! Or, alternately, an entire row of potatoes but a couple/few different varieties.

Despite the fact that I haven't dug up any sweet potatoes yet, I am hoping that they bear well. The vines are long enough, geez--there's one vine that's about 12 ft. long at the moment and still growing. They are quickly covering the bare space where the potatoes were. I really hope I get a bunch. I only planted six plants--I think I could plant a whole row of these as well, next year. The variety I got was called Bogart, on a recommendation from a gardening coworker.

Lemon cucumbers, because they bore really well. In fact, I only got two regular cucumbers at all, never saw the Armenian cucumbers or the yard-long cucumbers, and was that it? I think so. These little cucumbers were really cute and tasty, though. Definitely a repeat for next year. (I do, however, still have cucumbers growing and blooming in the compost pile. They haven't born any cucumbers yet, but you never know. I think there's a squash in there as well, now that I think of it.)

Early Summer Crookneck Squash, only not three of them. I don't and didn't need three of them. One will do, two in a pinch. Those things grew leaves like paulownia trees.

More than four pepper plants. Although the four I have are doing quite nicely still and I can't complain. But I think a half dozen would work better. If there's a milder hot pepper out there (I do use chili powder in my chili) that would be nice, but I want something I can use, not just look at.

Tomatoes, of course. I planted a dozen, replanted three, planted eight in Ethan's garden (which are doing quite well) and four in the little section of the flowergarden, which are being eaten by the slugs. I also had about a dozen volunteers pop up--most cherries. So I had a bunch. Next year, I definitely want more Romas, maybe two of that variety. I also want to try Lemon Tomatoes (I sense a theme going here) and black cherry tomatoes, among others. I'm going to try for at least 16-20 plants in the big garden next year of various varieties. Or, alternately, two rows of 12. We'll see.

Other cucumbers. I really like cucumbers, if you haven't figured that out already.

I am waffling between two rows of just green beans, or a row of beans to dry, or something else. Whatever I decide, at least two varieties of beans. I had three this year. I'm not sure how many cranberry beans I will end up with, because it rained before I could pick them. Hopefully I will at least get some.

Pumpkins in a separate spot. Down the hill, most likely. And that will add to my mantra: "Less Grass to Mow!"

My row of sunflowers worked out well, too--I even had someone from the local newspaper at my house today (thanks to my neighbor, who called them) to take pictures of my hibiscuses and my sunflowers. Coolness.) I would like to grow the same kind next year, and perhaps some regular yellow ones as well, so I can actually have sunflower seeds for me to eat and not just the birds. Ethan has some of the big yellow ones in his garden, but they haven't bloomed yet.

Early crops:

Lettuce, of course. Spinach again, I guess--we'll see how the fall spinach turns out. Peas again, although I'm leaning towards trellised peas instead of bush peas. I would like to try carrots again if they don't get washed away, and maybe radishes.


I also have on my list the flowerbed around the cistern, which isn't really a flowerbed at the moment. I am planning to take the bleeding heart, spiderwort, two hostas, and anything else that is planted there and legitimate and dig out the whole space around the cistern and then along the other side of the house. (I will till, more than likely.) Then I will plant more stuff and rearrange a bit. That will be my flowerbed project for next spring. I'll have weeding to do in the others as well, and maybe an expansion of the big flowerbed in the front yard. We'll see.

New Gardens:

I also have on my list to create a spot for thornless blackberries, a couple of blueberry plants/bushes, currants, and something else. I'd also like to get the magnolia vines and goumi bushes. And my apple trees.

Now obviously that sounds like a lot. But in truth, with the aid of my grass-killing rug, it's not that bad, really. It will be plenty of exercise and plenty of fun, that's for sure. :)

Oh, and by the way, it's 67 degrees outside, and so lovely I'd sleep out on the roof if I could. I AM SO READY FOR FALL! I hope we have an actual fall this year. About a month of 75 degree weather and 55 degree nights would make me very, very happy. Heck, September and October with that kind of weather... heaven!

BtH/HD is 113,006 words at the moment. This is after cutting a bunch (earlier) and then adding some back in, writing new, and proceeding. I'm still not sure of the ending, but it's getting closer. (I would really like to be done very soon, though. Ack.)

I am planning to take two weeks off between novels, just for my sanity. That will mean no writing at all, so I'll have to find a book to read.

Netscape is giving me fits tonight. I'm going to bed. Argh!


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