Loki -- 1
Me -- 0

Well, not surprisingly, he didn't use the litterbox this evening. In fact, he hadn't gone all day as far as I could tell. He pooped on Mabel's pillow, though, which was a bit irritating, since he had a bit of the runs. Now it's hanging out on the line.

I put some of the poop in the litterbox and showed him, so hopefully he'll get the idea as quickly as Pooh did. We shall see.

If he doesn't, I'll probably end up keeping him in the downstairs bathroom until he figures it out, just to minimize the damage on the floors and make accidents easier to find.

And that's all I'm going to post about cat poop tonight. :)

In other news, he has met Chloe, Misty, and Pooh. He has also hissed at Chloe, Misty, and Pooh. They weren't swayed by him at all, of course. Zoey's the only one who won't like him, as usual.


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