I posted this in a comment over on livejournal, and then thought it would be nice to post it here as well. I'm not sticking to the next year's possibilities at all; we'll see what happens with everything this fall and winter.

So, my list for the rest of the year:

1. Finish the combo-novel Beth-Hill/Wild Hunt book, Binding the Hunt/Heart's Desire

2. Finish the next Jacob Lane book, The Seventh Secret

3. Finish So You Want to be a Vampire

I have one definite for next year at the moment, which is the next Jacob Lane book, The Sixth Stone.

Possibilities for next year are:

1. Revise Nightshade, vampire novel, needs a lot of work. (It's been sitting for two years now, and I have to do something with it.)

2. Revise Fire and Water, second book in the Beth-Hill/Wild Hunt series. Needs revision and reworking due to changing plot points in BtH/HD. (This is on the high end of the list of possibilities.)

3. Write sequel to Nine Lives and Three Wishes, which is but a glimmer in my mind at the moment. (A meh--I know there's a sequel, I just don't know much about it yet.)

4. Write more Karen Montgomery stories, provided my publisher takes the first three. (This is pretty definite.)

5. Sort through everything on my harddrive and on my Dana and file things properly. (I really need to do this, if only to find out what I have that hasn't been finished/needs revision/etc.)

I would also like to write something totally unconnected to any series next year, if only to give myself a bit of a break. But we'll see about that.


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