I ate one--well, two--of the bug-damaged Potimarron squash for supper tonight. I have leftover squash to eat later in the fridge, too, because they were two small ones, but still too much to eat in one sitting.

But they are tasty! I almost like them better than acorn squash. I have one acorn squash to cut up, too, but the others look like they are bug-free. So I'll have that later on in the week, probably.


Grey said…
This is what drives me crazy about our insistence on "perfect" produce at the grocery store.

Bug-damaged stuff is edible. In fact, I always think that, if the bugs like it, that's a good sign! :)
Jennifer said…
Yep, deliciously edible! I'm with you on that. I wish they sold seconds in the produce aisle.

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