I literally erupted out of bed around midnight last night because this huge gust of wind blew in my bedroom window along with a fast-moving storm. I ran to take the fan out of the hallway window and found to my horror that the gust of wind (probably the initial one; there were others afterwards, too) had blown open Miss Moppet's door. However, Miss Moppet was still inside (she was actually hiding under the bed; I'm sure it scared her) and I had to shut her window, secure her door so it wouldn't blow open again, take out the fan, and then try to get back to sleep. Haha.

I dreamed about wind and tornadoes and storms all night long.

I need to check out the roof to make sure there wasn't any wind damage, so I'm waiting a bit before I go in to work this morning. Everything is probably just fine, but I want to check anyway, because the wind came out of the east (it usually comes out of the west) and if there's a problem, it will have to be fixed ASAP.


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