Tonight's dinner included the following:

--olive oil
--garlic chives, chopped
--okra, chopped
--one ear of corn, stripped (what do you call it when you cut off the kernels?)
--two small paste tomatoes, chopped
--half a yellow squash, cut into rounds
--half the leftover Potimarron squash in the fridge, cut up into small pieces
--a dash of soy sauce
--a teaspoon of honey
--about 3 tablespoons of organic cornmeal

Start at the beginning by pouring some olive oil into the skillet. Consider chopping up garlic; decide to go out and pick some garlic chives instead. Chop them up and add to the (now very hot) olive oil. While that is cooking, cut up the okra. Add that to the mix.

Cut the corn from the cob, add that. While that mixture is cooking, grab leftover squash from the fridge, peel, chop, and add. Let cook a bit while you slice up the tomatoes. Decide to add half a yellow squash on a whim. Then, add a dash of soy sauce and a teaspoon of honey. Let cook for a while until it is quite soupy. Sprinkle about 3 tablespoons of cornmeal on top, cover with lid and let cook for two minutes (or so.) Mix. Enjoy!


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